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Creative Writing Workshop Teen Podcasts

Teens of the Creative Writing Workshop (CWW) group are creating podcasts of their original writings called Rising Voices.  The group meets monthly to share their prose and poetry.  Tune in NOW and enjoy the podcasts below. For more information about the CWW group and their podcasts, please call Teen Services at 385-4167.

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Podcast 7 (CLA Entry)

Amanda, Corey, Adrianna and Franklin share their thoughts and feelings through their poetry and free verse. Teens comment and discuss their reactions and encourage each other to continue writing. (7:32)

Podcast 6

The podcasters read their work from a free-write done moments before.
Corey McNair, Franklin Eneh, Adrianna Cedeno (5:14)

Podcast 5

Adrianna reads more of her novel; Corey and Franklin read more of their work.
Corey McNair, Franklin Eneh, Adrianna Cedeno (9:17)

Podcast 4

Corey and Franklin recite poetry and Adrianna introduces the first part of a novel she is working on.
Corey McNair, Franklin Eneh, Adranna Cedeno (8:50)

Podcast 3

Poets recite their work and speak about their inspiration.
Corey McNair, Franklin Eneh, Adrianna Cedeno (7:38)

Podcast 2

This podcast was recorded at a Creative Writing Workshop meeting. Seven poets share their writing.
Adrianna Cedeno, Paolo Perez, Franklin Eneh, Ana Avila, Amanda Woade, Priscilla Rivas, Corey McNair (6:54)

Podcast 1

The first SLA podcast featuring poetry by local Stratford teens.
Amanda Woade, Corey McNair, Franklin Eneh (3:37)