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What is interlibrary loan?

Interlibrary loan (ILL) is the process by which a library requests materials for their patrons from another library. We obtain material from libraries throughout Connecticut and the U. S.

When is interlibrary loan used?

Use interlibrary loan to obtain items that are not owned by the Stratford Library.

Who can borrow things through interlibrary loan?

To place an ILL request at the Stratford library, you must be a Stratford resident. If you are not a Stratford resident, contact your hometown library and ask about their ILL services.

How do I place a request for interlibrary loan?

You can place an ILL request online through ReQuest, the statewide library catalog.

Is there a fee for interlibrary loan service?

Interlibrary loan service is usually free. Occasionally, the lending library will charge a fee.  If we cannot obtain your items free of charge, you will be contacted prior to ordering.    

How long does it take to get materials through ILL?

Most ILL items arrive within 3 - 4 weeks of ordering.  However, a copy of an article may arrive within a few hours.  Hard-to-obtain items may take a month or more to arrive. Some items may be unavailable.  Please plan accordingly if materials are needed for a term paper!

How long may I keep an item borrowed through ILL?

The due date is set by the lending institution, and can vary from one week to one month. ILL materials may be renewed once by calling 385-4164.   

What about magazine articles?

A request for a magazine article is usually filled with a photocopy of the article. You may keep these photocopies.

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